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Not the last post though>>>>

It was nice experiencing writing for Nepathya, one of my passions in music. I enjoyed searching and compiling things about Nepathya and posting them. Reading comments from different people was also an equally enjoyable part. I didn’t put many articles or many contents as some of the folks might have expected. My efforts might have been ‘not enough’ to talk about such a great band. Read More…

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Download from and and are two websites which have lots of songs to offer but allow only only use of their item.
But this isnot fair for the music fans, is it??
So here are some ways how I download from those sites. Maybe it can help you too.

But one requirement is you gotta have VLC Media Player. (Get a VLC player) Read More…

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Introduction to Nepathya

Albums of Nepathya:

Till date 7 albums havebeen released starting from the self titled album Nepathya to real incident titled album Maina Pokhari’ko Ghatana

The seven albums are Self titled Nepathya in 1991, Himal Chuchure in 1993, Min Pachas Ma in 1995, Shringar in 1997, Resham in 2001, Bheda ko oon Jasto in 2003 and Ghatana – Incidents of Nepal in 2005. Read More…

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Current members of the band?

Who are the rest of the band members? Any idea?

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Nepathya–I remember

First time I heard of Nepathya must have been with “छेक्यो छेक्यो” ,” जाँउ भने जाँउतनि”. I should have been listening to Ba ba black sheep and things but radio Nepal made it inevitable. I exactly don’t remember remembering the word Nepathya back then but with जोमसोमै बजारमा” and “गण्डकीको तिरैमा”, Nepathya shifted from Hippocampal centers to permanent memory centers of brain.


Next thing I remember is reading about Nepathya in Kantipur daily. That Saturdays special paper, along with general introduction to the band, also had given me a bad news that the band will dismantle later, for personal careers of the members.

Read More…

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Sa Karnali

This is a nice video of the song Sa Karnali. To watch it, click here.

~~Jhalkai deu, jhalkai deu, galai ko company mala jhalkai deu~~

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My story till date

Funnily enough, I was not much into Nepali music, per se, until a few years back. There was this phase – as I remember it – when more often than not, Nepali music was heavily laced with foreign ‘accents’ which I found most unbearable. No offence meant, this is just what I inferred back then.

Then about four years back, a few good friends of mine introduced me to 1974 AD. I’ve been a big fan of theirs and have watched them perform LIVE here in gangtok twice. Around the same time, I heard a superb band play Nepathya’s song ‘Resham’ at Glenary’s, Darjeeling. There’s been no looking back since.

The last time I came across their previous album, ‘Bhera Ko Oon Jasto’ at a friend’s place, I borrowed the tape and listened to it for a month. The obsession continues as I hunt around for more of their music till date.

Only problem is that I havent found Nepathya’s albums – either old or new – in Gangtok. It could also be that I’m not searching carefully enough but I’m really disappointed not finding their music here…

Another problem is Nepathya not performing in a long time here in Sikkim. I dont know if they’ve performed here before but I havent caught their show even once and thats a real let-down. I wish they would perform here which will indeed be a dream come true.

I would love to read more about how the band started and the journey they have made till date. If anyone has some kind of info regarding this, please do write in. It’ll be great to read more about them!

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Amazing Nepathya


I first liked Nepathya because their songs reflected a balanced harmony between today’s music and some really authentic Nepali folk music; the combination of both was intoxicating enough for me to be hooked on to the band. The more I listened to their songs, the more I was drawn to the magic of their melodious music accompanied by some really soulful lyrics.

Lyrics that make you think – imagine the emotion raging behind the conception of that particular song, wonder about the situation that made them pen its lyrics. When you listen to their music closely enough, you realize that each song contains a meaningful message, something to ponder upon.

Some songs are so poignant that never fails to tug one’s heart strings. Listen to ‘Yanni Maya’ when Amrit Gurung sings Jalda pani mardina, yanni maya. Absolutely bittersweet. Or another song that says, Sirh mathi ko chaya, kun daiva lay chutayo, juni bhar ko maya. The loss of a lifetime, of the person you love. Amazing stuff.

Their songs have these rustic folk beats included to produce some really off-beat music that connect with people. The more I listen to their music, the less lonely and more comforted I find myself to be. This is truly an amazing band and I look forward to hearing more of them!

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Hello world…




This is a page dedicated to the great band Nepathya and their fans.



There are a lot to be told, heard, shared and admired about Nepathya rather than just their folk pop tunes and the lovely melodies they create..If any of u folks, by a great chance happen to be a Nepathya fan like me and want to share something about them…please do write to me. You can write as a comment here with your name. And if I feel it was good enough, I will publish it with your name acknowledged as the writer.




Till next time ciao..