Posted by: Rinchen | July 10, 2007

Amazing Nepathya


I first liked Nepathya because their songs reflected a balanced harmony between today’s music and some really authentic Nepali folk music; the combination of both was intoxicating enough for me to be hooked on to the band. The more I listened to their songs, the more I was drawn to the magic of their melodious music accompanied by some really soulful lyrics.

Lyrics that make you think – imagine the emotion raging behind the conception of that particular song, wonder about the situation that made them pen its lyrics. When you listen to their music closely enough, you realize that each song contains a meaningful message, something to ponder upon.

Some songs are so poignant that never fails to tug one’s heart strings. Listen to ‘Yanni Maya’ when Amrit Gurung sings Jalda pani mardina, yanni maya. Absolutely bittersweet. Or another song that says, Sirh mathi ko chaya, kun daiva lay chutayo, juni bhar ko maya. The loss of a lifetime, of the person you love. Amazing stuff.

Their songs have these rustic folk beats included to produce some really off-beat music that connect with people. The more I listen to their music, the less lonely and more comforted I find myself to be. This is truly an amazing band and I look forward to hearing more of them!



  1. Nepahya copies Jindagani from Kid Rock –

    • I listened to the kidrock song. But I am not impressed by “Nepahya copies Jindagani from Kid Rock –“.
      maybe some hints of influenced by the song are there, but they are not perceivable until u look for them specifically.. to call nepathya copied the song is in my point of view baseless and unacceptable..

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