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Introduction to Nepathya

Albums of Nepathya:

Till date 7 albums havebeen released starting from the self titled album Nepathya to real incident titled album Maina Pokhari’ko Ghatana

The seven albums are Self titled Nepathya in 1991, Himal Chuchure in 1993, Min Pachas Ma in 1995, Shringar in 1997, Resham in 2001, Bheda ko oon Jasto in 2003 and Ghatana – Incidents of Nepal in 2005.

What genre they sing?

Nepathya started with a relatively different brand of music, folk pop. They expertly fused the common Nepali folk tunes with pop flavour to produce some of the most exhilarating melodies ever. This became a new trend. Also it became the basis for rise of Pokhreli bands in contemporary Nepali music. (read more about it here).

But in this time when pure folk song are created inside a closed room, Nepathya goes deep into the villages and hills of Nepal in search of tunes and songs only to make them more
lovelier than ever.Read about it here and here and here also.

Though folk pop is the term used, listen to the songs Sa karnali an Bheda Ko Oon jasto…and you may say it folk rock tooo

Besides, Nepathya sings for people. Their recent album sang the songs only about the people and their sufferings due to Maoist insurgency. Previous album had half of its songs were concerned about people and their perspective in the Insurgency.

During the heydays of Maoist rebellion, which claimed more than 15,000 lives, they constantly concerted for peace and rights of children. They traveled across Nepal with message of peace and donated money collected during the concerts to the local schools and organizations working for children. Thus with every album since Resham (that makes 3 albums), they have donated 9-10 lakhs to school and various organizations through such concerts.


Some songs from Nepathya

If I am asked to name some nice songs of Nepathya, I will end up listing all songs
for none of the songs I have found under par. Many were very good while some were better and remaining are good. But this may not please everyone. So what I will do here is to list some of the well received songs. Even if you go through the some not so well received song (for reasons best known to Him), you won’t stop wondering, “Why the hell this song couldn’t make big?”

Anyway some well received
songs of Nepathya are

From album Nepathya

· Chekyo chekyo

· Himal chuchure

From album Min Pachas’ma

· Jomsom’ai Bazzar’ma

· Udaayo rail’lai’le

· Birsi na’deu

From album Resham

· Resham

· Lampate surati

· Mai nache chhamchham’ti

From album Bheda Ko Oon jasto

· Sa karnali

· Bheda ko oon jasto

· Taal ko pani

From album Maina Pokhari’ko Ghatana

· Ghatana

· Aama huna

(PS:If you can, please Listen to songs from Album Sringaar like “Saruma rani ko aanshu ko kasam” “Boli chaina kuna boli’le geet gaunu” and tell me why didn’t get much

Who exactly are Nepathya??

“Since Deepak J. Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung founded this band in 1990, it has seen many musicians join and leave the band. Amrit Gurung is the only remaining founding member of the band.” is written in the introductory leaflet of album Bheda Ko Oon jasto.

Quoting Amrit Gurung, Wikipedia writesSays he Nepathya is like a passenger train that everybody can get in and get out.”


If that is the standard description then you can take Amrit as the pilot. And Amrit casts the main figure of Nepathya (not only for his voice but also for his exotically long hair!!!)

Can somebody give a full list of Different people differently involved I Nepathya during different period of time?? We will appreciate that…


Where to listen them?

Buying the album is thebest way you an to help yourself with Nepathya music. They can be purchased in any Music Nepal outlet. But as a matter of fact this may not be accessible to all.

Here are some online links to listen, watch Nepathya songs. (Only online listening possible) (only online listening possible)



  1. i never new lampate surati was by nepathya. its so funny song. actually i liked it wen i heard it in welcome party of my coll n one of my frens used to copy this song everytime. so for i time i thut about her wen read about this song. ” yo jindagani “. its good not only music but the video too. yo chahi kun album ma ho ra????????????????/

  2. i am really confused. yo song yehi haina ra? khanna mata lampate surati………….really i was shocked

  3. yuor group is very strong energetic grtoup. i supprot your band & i like your songs and visiting style.

  4. i never new lampate surati was by nepathya. its so funny song. actually i liked it wen i heard it in welcome party of my coll n one of my frens used to copy this song everytime. so for i time i thut about her wen read about this song. ” yo jindagani “. its good not only music but the video too. yo chahi kun album ma ho ra????????????????/

    Common yaar.. dont u tell me abt her… I shud be knowin much better than what u might think.. anwya Lampate surati is a very nice song (only underrated coz it was in same album as Resham). and not only u but everyone will enjoy this song..if tehy love Nepali tune…specially the GAndharva tunes…
    Peace out

  5. Hey, I heard lampate surati only recently myself. Loved the song. Found the lyrics funny too 🙂 But its a nice song.

  6. hey i herd the album ghatana. well rock version ma yesto type ko song first time nai suneko ho. it can touch n arouse pple of this genre.

  7. For anyone..who doesn’t know about Nepathya’s new album Ghatana or think they are Just another Rock band of Nepal…do like what Seema did…
    Buy the album, listen to the songs, analyse them and ask urself who said ‘Just another Nepal band’.
    I have been gettin comments who say things without even a bit of understandings….I dotn approve them anyway coz i know they are wrong…but I will say to all such guys….LISTEN TO GHATAN ONCE AND THEN DARE TO COMMENT THE SAME THING U HAVE SAID BEFORE….
    u can take it as a CHALLENGE.

  8. aama song is great. i like it very much………actually nepathya band is on of the top most band.hajur haru ko geeet composed ekdam ramro huncha lok rock le garda tapaiko band le sabai ko mutu chuna pugeko cha……..ajha pani yestai khal ko geeet haru rachnu hola…………

  9. malai sabai geet haru mann parcha nepathya band ko.mainly shanti yatra garda compose garnu bhako geet”sundar shanta nepel “bhanne geet jhanai ramro cha….. sabai geet haru ko visusl nikalnu bhako bhaye jhan ramro huntheyo

  10. ma lai tapai haru ko sabai geet haru maan parcha lyk,lampate karnli,naramro sapana,talko pani, yo zindagani,bhedako uoon jasto,aama huna,resham,mai nache cham cham ti,ani aaru sabai, ma tapai haru ko ekdam thulo fan hoon,mero pani band cha jaha jati bela pani ma tapai haru ko geet le nai darshak haru lai ramailo pradan garauchu……..hamro band lai pani 2nd nepathya bhanera chinchan,ani ma vocaliest hoon.

  11. Yo Zindagani by Nepathya actually lured me into nepali music which i never really considerd had true virtue to listen to,blame local bands making out mumbo-jumbo songs that greatly poisoned my view towards nepali music but now that i have become aware… bows down to the pros


  12. Here’s a good new to all you die hard Nepathaya fan. Nepathaya has finally released their new ablum called ” Mero Desh”, easily available in the market. Legendry front man of the band Sir Amrit says that the album comprises of both old and new songs. They have also released the official video of the ablum titled song called ‘Mero Desh’, to which one can easily catch on Youtube.

  13. NEPATHYE the superb band of Nepal.I love every songs of Nepathye.

  14. hellol nepathya how r u

  15. i cant find the song “lajaune mayalu chulbule timro muhar, kasti ma ramree chau” yo geet nepthya band kai ho tara katai khjda pane paina keena hola.

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