Posted by: Rupak | August 19, 2007

Download from and and are two websites which have lots of songs to offer but allow only only use of their item.
But this isnot fair for the music fans, is it??
So here are some ways how I download from those sites. Maybe it can help you too.

But one requirement is you gotta have VLC Media Player. (Get a VLC player)

From Youtube

1. Get the URL of the video.
2. Go to
3. Paste the URL in the above link.
4. Click Get Download URL.
5. A download URL will appear in the screen.
6. Click it and save the file named get_video.
7. Open the file with VLC player.

To download from

VLC player is required. I dont have Real player..maybe u should not have Real player too. I am not sure of that. So if somebody is having real player u may chuck it coz anyway Vlc is much better than Real.

1. Go to and select ur song.
2.Select ur song and click play.
3. A file named play.php will come, save it.
4.Open with VLC player.
5. Go to Wizard (Ctrl+W) or from file menu.
6.Click “Transcode/Save to file”
7.Click “Next” and click “Existing play list item. ”
8.Click “Transcode audio” and “Next”
9.And again “Next”.
10. Chose a file to save. Click Chose and give a name to the file (the song) u want to save and specify the location also.
11. Click finish and wait till VLC downloads ur file.




  1. PLS note Net connection is required till VLC downloads ur song from
    and while downloadin youtube videos…if vlc palyer doesnot help ur case, u can use google’s FLV player. U can get it here

  2. all

  3. my best band i nephatya.

  4. my loveb nepal and inephatya.

  5. can i get the song – MAI NAACHE CHAM CHAM KITA SAALI by nepathya…we are plannin a stage show outside nepal in that song

  6. Use

  7. I’m gonna try this one for sure.
    Till now I was using

  8. yep nice method .
    I have had great results also with

  9. I’m gonna bookmark this one for sure.
    Till now I was using

  10. I like Kandara song most

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