Posted by: Rupak | October 3, 2007

Not the last post though>>>>

It was nice experiencing writing for Nepathya, one of my passions in music. I enjoyed searching and compiling things about Nepathya and posting them. Reading comments from different people was also an equally enjoyable part. I didn’t put many articles or many contents as some of the folks might have expected. My efforts might have been ‘not enough’ to talk about such a great band.

It started some months back when I was invited to an orkut community called Nepathya started by Rinchen didi. A blog had been in my mind for quiet long time and when I saw the orkut community, I decided to use the username that I had saved for Nepathya for soooo ling. (I had already booked the username in much before I started writing here). And it just started with a small talk with Rinchen didi.

I was Rupak, now in Pondicherry India. And with me was Rinchen didi from Sikim. We both being busy with our lives we couldn’t post enough articles which could justify Nepathya. And more than 50 days have gone (though I haven’t calculated exactly!!) with out a new post. I do keep on getting comments which still keeps me with it. But I feel bad for not being able to update it.

Don’t worry folks I aint closing this blog account. But this is to tell you that I wont be able to update this blog till January 2nd week (courtesy university exams are right next door and I gotta study a lot).

All the readers along with Nepathya themselves have been very very supportive and contributed a lot in the blog. Thanks to all people. Thanks to Rinchen didi for she made me believe I can write a blog about Nepathya. And sorry folks.Nepathya deserved much more.


Ps: If anyone is genuinely interested to fill this blog about Nepathya, do let me know. Email me is my address.



  1. 🙂 Yeah, sorry I havent been writing in as well. I’m happy to have met Rupak myself because he seems to be passionate about the things that he cares about.

    Good luck with your exams, Rupak. All the best!!

  2. hey all the best 2 u for ur exams…………..

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